What can one penny buy you?

Yesterday evening, I learned from Franklin Matters’ Facebook page that Tastebuds Fresh Marketplace on King Street has closed as of January 15.  I was shocked to learn this, partly because I was just in there last weekend and there was no indication they were about to close, but mostly because this is the third local business that Franklin has lost just within the last month.

I have two cats.  As with most cats, they’re fond of eating, so I have to buy cat food on a regular basis.  I could order my cat food online, have it shipped free directly to my door, and never have to speak to a soul.  Or, I could go to my local pet store and buy my cat food there, which is what I choose to do.  I end up spending a penny more per can than I would online, but I get to chat with the owners, snuggle the shop dogs, and know that the money I have to spend anyway is going to stay in my community rather than helping to buy the online CEO his third Ferrari or whatever.

Local businesses can’t survive without local business.  It’s that simple.  When you see a mom-and-pop shop in your community, vote with your dollars and let them know you want them to stick around.  Spend your money there and help your neighbors survive and thrive.  Next time you go shopping, please think: is saving that penny per can really worth it to you?

One thought on “What can one penny buy you?

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