Fantasy Friday – St. Kitts

With two feet or more of snow on the ground outside, it’s time to go back to the Caribbean for another Fantasy Friday!


This week, we’re going to Basseterre, St. Kitts, to check out a development of 16 cottages on a 12-acre former plantation estate with views of the neighboring islands.  2 and 3 bedroom cottages are available, and each cottage has its own private plunge pool and gazebo.  The landscape for each cottage has been individually designed with fruit trees and shrubs.


With such wonderful surroundings, it may be hard to convince yourself to go inside, but each cottage comes fully furnished, so you’ll be just as comfortable inside as outside.  Pricing starts at $650,000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars, which convert to approximately $240,740 U.S. dollars, so this escape to paradise is definitely affordable, or at least a nice dream when you get sick of shoveling.

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