#ShopFranklin Spotlight – Optimize Fitness & Performance

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I’m kicking off the regular #ShopFranklin Spotlight feature with Optimize Fitness & Performance!


I recently sat down with OFP’s owner, Devin Gray, to learn more about his business. As a personal trainer, Devin has been a small business owner “from day one,” formerly working with clients at Team Fitness Franklin and the office of local chiropractor Dr. Don Cohen. In September 2014, Devin opened OFP in its current space on Forge Hill Road, enabling OFP to offer its clients a unique “semi-private” training model. Unlike most personal trainers, who work with clients one-on-one or in small groups, OFP’s model allows clients to share the gym space while following individually designed programs. Not only does this semi-private training save clients money, Devin says that working out with others is good for morale. “People are more motivated, they’re more accountable, and they actually work a lot harder than you usually see in one-on-one personal training.”

OFP specializes in flexibility and ability to adapt workouts to a client’s particular needs. This focus on modification is especially helpful for athletes who are rehabbing from an injury or trying to prevent one. According to Devin, “if you’re training Tom Brady, you can’t train him the way you would a linebacker. You need that shoulder really, really healthy.” You don’t have to be an athlete to train at OFP, however; OFP can design a program for you whether you’re quarterbacking for the Patriots or just from your armchair. Every new client starts with an assessment to determine his or her current level of fitness, identify any injuries or individual needs, and set goals for the future.

Devin states that OFP also offers nutrition coaching and education, since “six-packs are made in the kitchen.” Devin understands that most people have a fairly good idea of what they should or shouldn’t be eating, but it can be tough to make a lot of dietary changes all at once, so OFP’s model is to start slow. Build one new healthy habit at a time, and when you’ve mastered that one, add another. OFP teaches clients not to be too focused on the scale, either; since building muscle mass boosts your metabolism, clients often find that they don’t lose pounds after starting a training program, but they do lose inches, so clothing size is usually a better indicator of progress.

As a native of Franklin and Medway and a wrestling captain at Tri-County, it was natural for Devin to come home to build his business after earning his degree in exercise science from Texas A&M. Devin loves that there’s a lot to do in Franklin itself, but also that it’s right in between Providence and Boston and it’s easy to get just about anywhere. The local business community has been especially supportive as well, and Devin has been able to build a great referral network of physical therapists, nutritionists, and other health and fitness professionals to ensure that all of his clients’ needs are covered.

OFP is located at 33 Forge Hill Road #1 in Franklin. Check out the website here and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Devin to set up a free Strategy Session to put together your Personalized Action Plan. Say goodbye to your inner (or outer) couch potato!

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