The Great Backyard Bird Count

By now we’re all used to it.  Our weekly blizzard is on its way, promising to drop about a foot of new snow and ensuring that we’ll be stuck in the house all day Sunday with nothing to do.  At this point in the winter, we’re all tired of the same old snow day activities, but fortunately there’s something you can do to occupy yourself and help out scientists at the same time!

"Vibrant Red" - Jackie Neil, Cheshire, CT

This weekend is part of the annual Great Backyard Bird Count, which is a joint project of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society, plus several international partners. It’s easy to participate – all you have to do is take at least 15 minutes to count the number and type of all of the different birds you see during that time period.  You can count wherever you are, and for however long you want beyond 15 minutes.  Once you’ve made your count, register here and submit your data.  Your observations will help scientists collect and analyze data on what birds are doing around the world, which helps in understanding migration patterns, population increases or decreases, and more.  You can even enter the GBBC Photo Contest (the handsome cardinal up there is one of this year’s entries, from Cheshire, Connecticut).

Take some time this weekend to observe the world around you, and help advance scientific progress while you’re at it.  What could be better?

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