Scam Alert – Certified Deed Solicitation

If you’re a Norfolk County homeowner or soon to become one, keep an eye out for a scam that’s been making the rounds.

The Norfolk County Registry of Deeds recently alerted the public to beware of direct-mail solicitations offering homeowners a certified copy of their property deeds for a fee of $59.50 to $83.00.  Although these solicitations appear legitimate and often have a due date on them, causing the recipients to think they’re bills, they are NOT bills and they do NOT come from the Registry of Deeds.  Don’t be fooled!

If you need a certified copy of your deed, the Registry of Deeds will be happy to provide you with one for a fee of $1.00 per page and an additional $1.00 for postage if the request is made by mail.  The cost for most deeds won’t exceed $2-3.00. For more information, including where to report this scam if you receive one, please visit the Registry of Deeds’ press release here.

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