Save the Date – Feast of St. Rocco!

I know it’s early, but this is such an important annual event in the Franklin community that I wanted to give everyone a chance to put it on their calendars way ahead of time!

The Feast of St. Rocco is a celebration of not only its namesake saint, but also Franklin’s rich Italian heritage and community.  While most Franklinites know the annual Feast for its wonderful Italian food, there are also many family-friendly activities to enjoy.  Several religious services will also take place during the Feast, including a Healing Mass with anointing of the sick.

This year’s Feast will take place August 14-16, so save the date now. To keep up with St. Rocco’s news and events, follow their Facebook page for more information.  (This will be particularly important during the festival itself – if you’re keeping up with the Feast on Facebook, you’ll get advance notice when your favorite dishes are close to running out, so you can head over and get them before they’re gone!)

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