How to Keep Your Home Young (and Valuable)

Most of us aren’t as good as we should be about keeping ourselves in shape and eating a healthy diet, and we end up suffering the consequences. Unfortunately, neglecting our homes’ maintenance can have serious consequences too, especially financial. I recently read a great article from on how to keep your home in its best possible shape, and it turns out that a home can lose up to 10% of its appraised value due to poor maintenance! On the other hand, regular maintenance can actually increase your home’s value, so make sure you take some time to notice any problems and address them before they grow. If you do nothing else, keep an eye out for moisture where it shouldn’t be; this is your home’s number one enemy and a small leak can quickly turn into a major structural issue. We’ve had some crazy storms this week, so take a few minutes today to walk around your home and check out any questionable spots. As with most home repairs, a little time and money now will save you a lot of time and money later!

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