Downtown Streetscape Update – September 29, 2015

From the office of Town Administrator Jeff Nutting, here’s the latest on the downtown construction:


“The contractor plans to delay paving on Emmons Street and Summer Street until next week due to the predicted rain. They will continue to install new curbs on West Central Street over the next 10 days. Their goal is to have the all the curbs, sidewalks and paving complete on West Central Street by the end of the construction season except a short section of paving between the Emmons Street and Union Street were a base coat will be applied for the winter.

They will be digging up the sidewalk on the east side of East Central Street to install the conduit over the next two weeks. They will put back temporary pavement on both sidewalks of East Central Street until the new curb and sidewalks are installed next week. Please be reminded that the schedule can change due to weather or other delays.

If anyone has a question please feel free to reach out to the DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi or Town Engineer, Michael Maglio at 508-553-5500 or Jeffrey Nutting, Town Administrator at 508-520-4949.”

Pour For Paws – October 18

I don’t often get a chance to combine two of my favorite things – wine tasting and cats. (Mainly because cats have a tendency to see if gravity still works by tipping glasses over.) Fortunately, there’s a great opportunity coming up!

On Sunday, October 18, Pour Richard’s Wine and Spirits will be hosting the Purr-fect Cat Shelter’s “Pour For Paws” wine tasting fundraiser from 2 to 5 PM. Tickets will be $10 each, and all proceeds go to help support Purr-fect’s great work. Pour Richard’s will also be donating 20% of its sales during the event to the shelter, so the more wine you buy, the more cats you’ll help!

Tickets will be available at the door, or you can purchase in advance by calling the shelter at (508) 533-5855 or emailing purrfectcatshelter @

New Listing – 5 Paulene Drive, Franklin

A little late, but better late than never – here’s my brand new listing at 5 Paulene Drive in Franklin!


Listed on September 22 at $399,900, this home is a sun-filled, gorgeous 3-bed, 2-bath contemporary split-level in a friendly neighborhood. With solar panels, energy-efficient new appliances, and an organic garden filled with native plant species, plus its location on a cul-de-sac in the sought-after Kennedy School District, this home is the perfect combination of eco-friendly living and the best that Franklin has to offer.




In fact, this home is so great that it didn’t even last a day on the market – we already have an accepted offer on it! That won’t stop us from going ahead with tomorrow’s Open House from 12 to 2 PM, though, so come on by and take a look for yourself. And if you love this home but missed your chance, just give me a call or email and I’ll be happy to help you find one that’s just right for you.

How to Update Your Kitchen – Part 2 

So, you’ve read my post from Thursday on how to update your kitchen by changing out the cabinet hardware, and you might be thinking “I just don’t think that’s going to be enough…”

If you’re happy with the layout of your kitchen and your cabinets are in decent shape, the single biggest thing you can do to change the look of your kitchen is to upgrade your appliances. It’s more expensive than changing out the hardware, but still a lot less than a full remodel, and the visual impact is huge. 

Here’s a before and after to show you what I mean. My client’s original kitchen appliances were in good condition and worked just fine, but they were dated-looking and less energy-efficient than modern appliances. 

A quick change-out for stainless steel, and the kitchen’s look is transformed!

Notice that we didn’t touch the flooring, countertops, or backsplash, but the new appliances bring the whole look more up to date and make the kitchen look more appealing to most buyers. (Please don’t notice that not all the cabinet hardware is done yet. Still working on that!)

A couple of points to mention: if you’re going to upgrade all your appliances at once, it’s often wise to buy all of them from the same brand and design line. The overall look will be more uniform and appliance stores often have package discounts or special rebates for a full set. Second, it’s easy to install a basic fridge or electric stove on your own (although please do let the pros deliver them!), but other appliances may require a pro for proper installation. If you’re handy, you can probably handle the fridge’s ice maker connection yourself, but a gas stove or dishwasher should always be installed by a licensed plumber.

There are lots of other ways to improve a kitchen short of a full remodel, including cabinet refacing, new countertops, or adding a tile backsplash, but new appliances will give you the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to upgrading for sale without spending a fortune. 

Downtown Streetscape Update – September 17, 2015

I know I promised you Part 2 of kitchen updating today, and you’re going to get that too! Just waiting on the last pieces to arrive to complete the job. In the meantime, here’s the latest on the downtown construction project, straight from the Town of Franklin:


“Next Wednesday they will be setting the curbs on West Central Street (they were waiting on the subcontractor).
Mid to late next week they will be line striping the new top that they are putting down this week. At the end of next week or into the following week the landscapers will be spreading loam and seeding in the area that has been paved and completed.
Starting tomorrow and into next week they will be finalizing walk ways between Moore Ave and Pleasant Street.
The week after next they will be paving Emmons Street and Summer Street, possibly at night. In about two weeks they will be working in front of the Fire Station entrance. They are not excavating any more sidewalks on West Central Street for now.
The sidewalk widening on Main Street will be done when the subcontractor gets back, in the next few weeks. We are waiting on National Grid to move a few telephone poles.
If anyone has a question please feel free to reach out to the DPW Director, Brutus Cantoreggi or Town Engineer, Michael Maglio at 508-553-5500 or Jeffrey Nutting, Town Administrator at 508-520-4949.”

How to Update Your Kitchen – Part 1

If you’re like most of us, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, but you may not pay a lot of attention to it other than making sure it’s reasonably clean. Go in there and take a look – is it dated? Could it use a facelift? The good news is that a kitchen update doesn’t have to require a full-scale remodel! There are a few ways to give your kitchen a brighter, fresher look without busting the budget.

The quickest and least expensive of these is to change out the hardware on your cabinets to give them a different look. I’m working with a client right now to give his kitchen a quick facelift before I list his home for sale, and he’s kindly agreed to let me share a few pictures with you!

 Above, you can see the difference that new hardware can make (old on the left, new on the right). His cabinets are already in great shape, so a quick hinge and handle change-out is an easy, inexpensive way to bring his kitchen into the 21st century. (Pro tip: if your kitchen is large or has a lot of cabinets, ask your local hardware store to order exactly the quantity you need. Ordering in bulk can get you a big discount!) Another bonus is that if you can use a screwdriver, you can do this project yourself.

We’re not stopping here, though. Tune in tomorrow to see the difference that brand-new appliances can make!

Norfolk Registry of Deeds Consumer Notification Service

It’s a sad reality of modern life that scams and fraud are everywhere, and they have the potential to affect the property you own. Fortunately, if you live in Norfolk County, the Norfolk Registry of Deeds has an easy way for you to protect yourself against property fraud! Just visit their website (linked above) and click on “Consumer Notification Alerts” to sign up for their free Consumer Notification Service, which will automatically alert you via email within 24 hours when a lien, deed, declaration of homestead, or other land document is recorded against your property. If you receive a notification through this service and believe that a fraudulent document has been recorded, you should immediately contact the Registry’s Customer Service Center at (781) 461-6101. You can also check out the Registry’s online land records for more information on the document that has been recorded.

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