Feed The Birds

As fall advances, lots of you may be thinking it’s time to start feeding your backyard birds again, but bird feeding isn’t just for the cold months. It’s a fun hobby all year round, and a wonderful way to appreciate the nature around you! If you have kids, it’s a great way to get them interested in science, too.

© Cornell Lab of Ornithology

© Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Here in New England, we have a huge variety of backyard birds, some of which you’ve probably never even noticed in your area before putting up a feeder. Naturally, different bird species prefer different types of food, so how does a new bird enthusiast decide what to serve?

The Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology has the answer. At their Project FeederWatch site, they’ve put together a photographic list of nearly 100 common North American feeder birds and their favorite foods, which you can sort by geographic region, food type, and feeder type. This is not only an easy way to figure out what foods are popular with birds in your area, but also to help identify an unfamiliar bird. Check it out and experiment – you might find yourself with a new hobby for life.

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