Downtown Streetscape Update – December 4, 2015

From the office of Town Administrator Jeff Nutting, here’s the latest on the downtown construction: 


 Given the great weather, the contractor now wishes to continue work for a few more weeks. The plan is as follows, so initially there is minor disturbance with the sidewalk on Main St.

 First, Walsh will set light pole foundations. This will involve removing a small section of sidewalk to excavate and set the foundation. There are (6) foundations on the Acapulco’s side of roadway and (5) on the opposite side of the roadway. We will begin on the Acapulco’s side of the roadway. Once those 11 are set, Walsh will do the electrical conduit crossings. There is a crossing on Main St at approx. sta 120+75, and a crossing at Dean Ave and Depot St. They will be saw cutting panels on both sides of Main St initially.
 If weather and time permit, Walsh will begin to excavate sidewalk to install electrical conduit for the street lighting beginning on the side of Acapulcos. This work will be last as it is the most intrusive. Again, time and weather pending, the conduit running underneath the sidewalk may not begin until the spring. We will know more as the next 1-2 weeks pass and I will keep everyone updated.
 I feel this is the best way to move forward initially with minor disturbance to the roadway and sidewalk and still enable them to continue getting work done. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You,

Anthony Tavalone


(617) 233-0795”

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