Stay warm!

In case you haven’t heard, it’s going to be wicked #%*# cold this weekend. It’s a good time to cozy up in front of a fire with your sweetheart, your pets, a good book, and/or a hot chocolate (I promise not to tell if you spike it). 

Please keep yourself safe and stay indoors as much as possible, bundle up if you have to go out, and keep an eye out for any neighbors or friends that might need help. Keep your home safe, too, since frozen pipes are a real possibility with this weather. A local plumber shared this advice on Facebook today, which I’ll pass on to you: 

“ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!  This weekend with the sub-zero temperatures don’t skimp on the thermostat settings. An extra 30 bucks spent on fuel could save thousands in damages caused by burst pipes etc. My advice is to use the HOLD TEMP button on those pesky electronic thermostats and set them all to 70 degrees. Don’t forget about those back zones you don’t use. Crank all of them. Also most heating systems in the Boston area are only designed to heat the inside of a building to 68 – 70 degrees only down to an outdoor temperature of 5 degrees and at a steady state only! That means if your setback thermostat shuts down to 64 degrees at night then switches back to 70 degrees at 6AM tomorrow when its in the single digits outside, good luck recovering the house to decent temperature. So if its -10 outside this weekend, and you wake up to a house that’s 65 degrees and all the pipes are hot and running properly, your doing alright!”

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