Be in the know

First official day of spring yesterday, and it looks like blizzard out there this morning. Gotta love New England!

Before I do anything else, I want to congratulate the Franklin High School boys’ hockey team, who won the Division I state championship at the Garden last night! Good work, guys. Enjoy that two-hour school delay this morning and sleep in a bit. 

What delay, you say? Come to think of it, why hasn’t my trash been picked up yet? When you’re looking for info on town services like trash pickup and school closings, there are two ways you can stay in the know. You can participate in Facebook groups for your community, which often have the latest town news and rumors, but the best way is to go straight to the source. Here in Franklin, you can sign up on the town’s website to subscribe to news alerts by email. You can opt in or out to several different lists, including police alerts, recycling news, general town news and announcements, and “The Franklin Connection.” If you’re not in Franklin, check out your own town’s official website; chances are good they have something similar. Sign up now, and rest easy knowing you’ll be in the loop no matter what’s going on in town. 

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