Our new roommate

As you’ll remember, my family and I went on vacation a couple of weeks ago. While we were away, one of our resident robins decided that our garage would be the perfect place for her nest; specifically, right on top of one of the garage door openers. 

We didn’t see her much for a few days, but we could tell she was working on the nest when we weren’t looking. Robins use mud in their nests to hold everything together, and the mud spatters on the roof of my husband’s car told the tale. It quickly became obvious that we’d have to stop parking in the garage for a while (both because we’re suckers for animals and because it’s illegal to disturb the nest of a native species). 

After a few days when we didn’t see Mrs. Robin at all, we decided to get out the ladder and take a peek into the nest to find out if she’d abandoned it. The answer was no! 

Since Tuesday, she’s been on the nest constantly, so we can expect baby robins around mid-May. It’s going to be interesting to watch the little family as they grow! 

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