Deck overhaul

Sorry I’ve been scarce this week – I’ve been working on a home improvement project while the dry weather holds. Specifically, I’ve been over at my mom’s house doing this:

We’re giving her small deck a much needed facelift with a fresh coat of paint on the spindles and trim, and a coat of Behr’s Deckover on the floor and top rail. 

So far, the project is going well and the deck is starting to look gorgeous! If you have a deck that needs an update, Deckover and similar products are worth a try, but keep in mind that this is not a one-day project by any means. This has taken nearly a week of work so far and it’s not a large area; first you need to prep the surface with a special cleaning solution, and you’ll need at least two coats of the Deckover after that. The product itself is like an extremely thick paint, so it fills in small cracks in the deck surface but it’s tough to spread and you will need a lot of it to cover much ground. We also learned that painter’s tape doesn’t really stick to it, so masking off areas of trim to get a clean finish can be difficult. We’ll just have to go back around with the white paint to touch up later! 

It’s going to look brand new once it’s done, though, and hopefully it will extend the lifespan of the deck for another few years at least so Mom can keep enjoying her river views. 

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