Vote Early

Massachusetts is trying something new this year – early voting!

Between now and November 4, you can vote at the Town Clerk’s office here in Franklin, and they even have special extended hours (for voting only) on some days. If you want to avoid the lines and signs on Election Day, here’s the voting schedule for Franklin:

Thursday, October 27: 8 AM-7 PM

Friday, October 28: 8 AM-1 PM

Saturday, October 29: 8 AM-1 PM

Monday, October 31: 8 AM-4 PM

Tuesday, November 1: 8 AM-4 PM

Wednesday, November 2: 8 AM-7 PM

Thursday, November 3: 8 AM-7 PM

Friday, November 4: 8 AM-1 PM

I voted today and the process was quick and easy, so take advantage of the opportunity to vote early if you can! If you’re not in Franklin, just check your town’s website for information on early voting locations and hours. 

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