New Home Search Site

If you’ve ever searched for a new home online, this conversation is probably familiar to you: 
“You: Hi, Realtor! I found a listing on [that big real estate site that rhymes with “pillow”] that looks really nice! Can you tell me more about it?

Realtor: Unfortunately that home is no longer available. It went under agreement three weeks ago and it’s off the market now. [Or a month, or two, or…]

You: OK, how about this one? 

Realtor: Same deal.”

Unfortunately, many of the big-name real estate websites don’t provide terribly accurate information, which can be frustrating for both you and your Realtor. But now, there’s a better way! My office has just started using a new platform to help our clients with their real estate search needs, and since the information is pulled directly from the MLS, it’s guaranteed to be accurate. Plus, you’re not limited to searching on your desktop; you can download my mobile app for iPhone or Android, so you can search on the go as well. I’ll be able to see your search results so we can work together efficiently to find your brand new home. 

Once you’ve signed up on my site, your conversations with your Realtor will go more like this:

“You: Hi, Kiernan! I found a listing on your site that looks really nice! Can you tell me more about it?

Me: Sure! I think this one would be a great fit for you, and they’re having an open house this Sunday. Let’s go check it out!”

If that sounds more like your speed, check out my new site here, and don’t forget to download my app too. Let’s get started finding your dream home!

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